Three Ways to Immediately Improve Your Day

Be on time.  It’s not about courtesy, it’s about energy allocation.  The energy you would waste on scrambling to catch up, you can channel toward productivity.

This is an oldie, but goodie.  Eat a good breakfast.  You won’t deflate around 10 and won’t over eat at lunch, both of which slow you down.  Here’s the modern twist.  Eat the same thing everyday.  If you like it and it has protein and complex carbs, just eat it.  You don’t have to be sophisticated when it comes to breakfast.

Stretch.  Take five minutes to stretch overall.  Like all other creatures do when they get up.  You can do it in the shower or while you watch the news, but do it.  You will minimize aches and fatigue later in the day.

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Priscilla welcoming Senator Tim Kaine on a visit to W&M.

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