Carpe Diem

With absolute certainty, sometime betwixt 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. every morning one of our boys awakes and beseeches us to do the same.  We loll around and crunch on cereal and bananas (or strawberries) until both our eyelids are operational.  Then, thanks to the glory of the programmable coffee maker, we experience the aromatherapy that arouses our senses.  With amended coffee (raw sugar and h-n-h) in hand, I become functional.  I stop for a moment of java meditation to observe the sunrise through the magnificent woods that crest our property.

Then, my routine kicks into gear.  French toast and bacon (or pancakes and sausage, or cereal and eggs) we prepare in a flash, place before the boys at the table, with a dose of morning entertainment in the form of the beloved explorer Curious George.  “With friends like this, you just can’t miss!”  While the munchkins are munching, I segue to my boudoir. 

I apply face cleanser, paste my toothbrush and hop into the shower where I brush teeth, cleanse face, wash and condition hair and sip remaining half mug of coffee.  Within twenty minutes I have completed my daily spa treatment, logged on to the Internet to pull up favorites for the news of the day, and am dressed and on to assisting boys 2 and 5 in various stages of undress and dress to don their school clothes. 

Then lunches and snacks are packed (no dairy, no sweets, but plenty of protein, veggies and complex carbs, please).  School papers signed and bagged.  Socks adjusted, shoes employed.  Coats, hats, mittens and toys collected for the journey to school. 

A quick stop in the master to glance at news headlines, check email, blow-dry hair, grab cell phone, buiness papers, errand lists and other sundries and stuff in pockets, purse and satchels.  A last trip to the boys’ bathroom for teeth, potty, and coiffing  for both, final saline administration and aquaphor application, and we are off to the car, navigating by three formidable and playful dogs in the mud room to access the garage.

Belts buckled, toys in hand, we drive the mile to the bus stop where we all greet the bus and are on our way.  All this before 7:45.  Good morning, Williamsburg!

Please share any ideas you have on how to tweak this regimen to further maximize productivity while preserving sleep time.  Suggestions are most welcome!

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