Strategic Communication – Is there any other kind?

Recently I have been asked in conversations, “Do you have experience in strategic communication?”

What comes to mind each time is “Is there any other kind?”

It’s as old as time, since coming of age, “Think before you speak!” I must have heard that said a thousand times to me by my father, who was a PRSA Counselor. Then when I became a spouse I developed that self-discipline to avoid the oh-so-tempting trap of bombarding your spouse upon arrival. Another step on the path to strategic communications! I tell my own children, “good timing is everything.”

But seriously, with so many channels and vehicles, audiences internal and external, and real-time information 24-7 all around the globe, we still need to “stop and think” before we click send. Consider aspects such as:defleur model of communications

  • Why are we sending this?
  • Who should receive it and why?
  • What do we hope to accomplish?
  • What are the next steps?
  • How will we know we have succeeded?

When you are on the receiving end of corporate communication, it is glaringly obvious when information is distributed without connecting the dots first.

According to Patricia McCarthy in a story by Renee Walker in The Strategist last fall, “The benefits of a well-developed but not necessarily lengthy communications plan are legion … Your organization has a roadmap, everyone gets on the same page and your stakeholders will understand and embrace your organization’s vision.”

Communications plans, strategies and tactics all should align with the organization’s objectives.

See the whole story here.

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