Set boundaries and cut through the (career) clutter

Recently, I have enjoyed discussions with numerous peers in all industries regarding next steps in their career paths. So much of what I hear relies on the demands of their employers in this post-downturn economy. I say it is time to take back the reins of your career and steer clear of the clutter.

Decide what YOU want and then go after it. Either they can match it,  or you can find it elsewhere. So many variables feed your work/life balance. Determine where your balance would be and strive to achieve it where you are or seek change.

One of the most challenging requirements is setting boundaries. With most parents working and co-parenting, teleworking, studio-style workplaces and work days and weeks that never end, running continuously 24-7 (tweets, posts, emails and texts at all hours), the professional needs to start setting the boundaries.

Also, remember professional development avenues for yourself. Make sure to let your employer know you plan on serving on professional associations, committees and boards (it helps their organization broaden reach and adds credibility) locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Also, participate in professional development activities (PR or marketing opps) and consider that as an integral part of the job that your employer will be supporting, in time required to commit to these activities (investment in you and the organization), and the fees and expenses, etc.

When all is said and done (whenever that is), we are humans and need our own time to rejuvenate each day in order to perform optimally. Without balance, employees are on a dead end track. Time to cut through all the demanding minutiae of the day, set some boundaries and enjoy life!

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