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Verbal Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds describes a strategy for meaningful communications to create impact. By sharing valued information and generating dialogue, thoughtful, intentional communications occurs. Promoting yourself or your initiatives ensures you build credibility and stature. Relevant, expert content Engagement Promotion

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Set boundaries and cut through the (career) clutter

Recently, I have enjoyed discussions with numerous peers in all industries regarding next steps in their career paths. So much of what I hear relies on the demands of their employers in this post-downturn economy. I say it is time to

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Strategic Communication – Is there any other kind?

Recently I have been asked in conversations, “Do you have experience in strategic communication?” What comes to mind each time is “Is there any other kind?” It’s as old as time, since coming of age, “Think before you speak!” I

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Passion Propels, Social Media Must-Haves

Tumblr is hip. Instagram glams. Pinterest wins with women. The Internet is still a teenager, but if your company is not actively leveraging communications opportunities with Facebook and Twitter,  you don’t exist for more than 100 million consumers that spend

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APR Boot Camp

Becoming Accredited in Public Relations is the gold standard for PR. To facilitate the process, the Public Relations Society of America offers APR Boot Camp is a four-day intensive course for candidates to prepare and advance though the Readiness Review™

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Priscilla welcoming Senator Tim Kaine on a visit to W&M.

VA Governor Terry McAuliffe signs DV bill at Avalon with Priscilla and VA Secretary of Homeland Security Brian Moran.